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Who are we?

  • FuturDentistry is focused on developing innovative products for demanding mobile computing environments where reliability is critical.
  • FuturDentistry Delivers substantial value to dental professionals in providing dental care and the hurdles blocking access to that care, Cor3 combination of mobile technology and Telehealth software delivers the technology and management services necessary to make teledentistry a feasible solution to a problem that impacts all of us.
  • Cor3 is a technology company with over 22 years of experience in dentistry and technology.
    We have designed several portable dental technologies with easy mobility for our providers
    (Dentist and Hygienist) to deliver dental services to patients through our innovative portable
    dentistry and technology.
  • Our equipment and technology make it possible for dental professionals to visit patients to
    deliver a varied array of dental services at the patients location. 
    Our engineering and prototyping capabilities are top-tier, setting a benchmark in the nation.


who i’m

hello my name is Fred Babaee

C.E.O of FuturDentistry

Previously Fred was the owner and acting C.E.O. of Chipco Computer Distributors, Inc. and Corlogix, Inc. Both companies were sold successfully in March of 2013. Fred brings with him a wealth of knowledge in key aspects of business innovations. In his previous venture, he developed account strategies that resulted in exponential growth. He attributes this success to one simple principle, building long-term relationships with every customer. As a result of this, Fred has received numerous awards in customer satisfaction.

Fred holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina college of Mathematics and Computer Science.

who i’m

hello my name is Ashkon Babaee

VP of Sales

Ashkon Babaee has always had an understanding of how to create and market the best business models. A skill that stems from his father, Fred, one of the most prominent businessmen in the Orange County Area.

Ashkon’s impressive track record of successful sales of his multilateral million dollar companies demonstrates his innate passion for business and an uncompromising level of attention to every client’s needs.

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