FuturDentistry goes above and beyond the mere sale of portable dental technology equipment by providing custom engineering and prototyping services.

FuturDentistry does more than just sell portable dental technology equipment.

The most extensive range of portable dental technology equipment and marketing platforms to help expand your dental offering.

FuturDentistry does more than just sell portable dental technology equipment –with our unique marketing technology platform you could get more patients looking for a mobile dentist or hygienist.

Why FuturDentistry

Integrated technology platform

Our Flagship Model Achilles is Ideal for new or expanding practices, it is an all-in-one dental cart with built-in teledentistry module. The model is self-contained, and its easy mobility allows for use at worksites and anywhere a portable dental operatory or portable dental unit is needed.

Made for your customers

Increases the available capacity in fixed dental clinics and private practices to attend to patients with more complex dental needs at their ease.

Portable Technology

Pick from our unique list of customized portable units like Model Hercules, Model Atalanta and, Jason digital cart which are made for easier mobility.

Customer Support

Our customer support is as best as it can get. Our services don’t stop with the purchase our maintenance services go a long way to make sure you are satisfied

Our products

High Quality Portable technology equipment

Why Mobile Dentistry

Ease of receiving dental care is a major problem today. Most patients make an appointment, travel to the dental office, wait in the office before being seen due to delays, receive treatment, then have to drive home despite being in pain. Our dentists and staff come to the patient’s home, school, community center, senior care facility, employer’s office, or manufacturing facility. Patients are treated on site without complex logistical issues surrounding transportation.

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