Dental Technology Services

All your dental marketing needs in one place


Tier 1
$899 $499/One Time Fee
  • +$99 Monthly Fee
  • Everything you get with Essential:
  • Landing page
  • Teledentistry platform
  • Google my business
  • Facebook business page
  • New patient lead generator
  • Portable dental delivery system guideline
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • HIPAA compliant file sharing
  • Digital form builder


Tier 3
$1499 $499/One Time Fee
  • +$249 Monthly Fee
  • Everything in Standard, Plus:
  • Imaging software
  • E-Prescription
  • Online patient scheduling
  • Access 24/7/365 from any device
  • Portable dental delivery system guideline
  • Mobile app
  • HIPAA compliant file sharing
  • Digital form builder

*Users opting for Essential and Standard Plan can choose to have a website design and development as Add-On for additional $899.00 as one time investment.

Essential Plan

We will enable your business profile in search engines like google and bing. Your Social media visibility will also be enhanced as we enable your Facebook business Page. You can get appointments directly from these search engines and social media platforms.

  • We will help you with choosing right keywords and Perform basic SEO analysis for your site to boost organic traffic.
  • Paid Lead generation Ad campaigns will be run in social media for boosting your business by capturing potential patients from the target area of service.
  • We will make sure to keep your existing customer happy and get new customers through E-Mail Marketing.

We will have an eye on your digital presence at all the time, and make sure to flag and remove any negative comments, and keep your spam score low.

You will be given full access to a CRM tool where you can easily manage your business in one place. Our CRM tool is filled with vast features that will help you to keep active tab on budget and customer. This cloud based tool can be accessed from anywhere in any device.

You can easily contact the marketing with a email and we will revert back with quick solutions.

Standard Plan

Everything listed in Essential Plan, Plus:

We will provide you with a high speed, US hosted free hosting service, that you can use to build websites, and landing pages for your business.

  • We will perform competitor analysis and understand the keywords that are working well. Various tools like Ahrefs, Google trends, and keyword planner will be used to find the right keyword for your business to get visibility.
  • We write blogs to using right keywords to boost your organic traffic, and get more visibility.

Trust is what build relationships. Having a blog page will help people to get skilled and learn more information about a topic. At same time it would also be a driving force for organic traffic.

Websites or landing pages can be easily compromised SSL enhances security to your website and protects all the data. Importantly SSL Certificate will build trust to visitors coming to your website. Without SSL Search engines will take a long time to list your website in search results.

We will make perform On-Page SEO to your website and Google My Business Profile. In on page SEO will make sure all your pages and blogs are following the required standards and make necessary changes to boost on-page SEO score. Provide Scheme to all your pages, alt text to image and much more. We will make your website search engine friendly.

We will do research and choose right target audience for your business, based on location and other factors. Target the prospect clients and increase your number of appointment. Social media Ads and Search Engine ads campaign will be performed.

Premium Plan

Everything listed in Standard Plan, Plus:

We will extract a list of email who can be your prospect customers and send emails campaigns to them. The data from the campaign will be monitored and analyzed. Then follow-up emails will be sent to existing customers and interested customers. A volume of 1000-1500 mails will be sent every week

Your technical SEO will be managed and boosted by us. All you website traffic, registering to technical search engine sites, generating sitemaps, schema codes, repairing broken pages will be monitored and solved by our technical team.

Recognition for a website from various sources is what makes your website rank at top of search engines. We will help you improve your Domain and Page Authority by getting quality backlinks for your website.

We will manage all your social media platforms. All your followers will be kept engaged, quick replies for queries and details on appointment will be  managed by us and a report will be provided to you to boost engagement and followers.

We will help you to get high quality and big clients by LinkedIn Marketing. We will reach out to corporations and education institutes to organize a dental camp in there premise.

A well research and designed ad will be run in search engines and related platforms like google and YouTube to bring in brand awareness and get more customers. 

We will build you a SEO friendly, Mobile responsive, and eye catchy website tailored for your needs. We will help you bring out your business vision by building a user friendly, and fast website.

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