How portable dental equipment helps dentists and patients?

Humans – we are creatures of comfort living in the technological era looking for ways to make things more and more comfortable and accessible with the passing of each day. In this section, we are going to see how the advent of portable dental equipment benefits dentists as well as patients. With the dawn of new technologies in dentistry, there are new methods and innovations that can benefit everyone by meeting the requirements of providers and consumers at the same time. This is where mobile dentistry comes in. 

Let us look at some of the mutual benefits of using portable dental equipments 

Easy access to the patients 

Mobile dentistry provides easy access to patients who cannot visit a dental clinic themselves due to inability or impossibility. There are many in the society, who could not bring themselves to get dental care due to various reasons. This will be eliminated by using portable dental equipment set up at a desired place of the patient to provide proper care. With mobile dentistry, it is possible to set up dental camps at rural places to provide proper dental education to the people. The dental programs at schools, care homes, and even at corporations previously were at a basic level without access to the majority of the dental equipment, but now these programs can function as a fully equipped dental clinic to provide the best possible service. 

Flexible schedule 

With a mobile dental unit, you can work at your convenient time usually, most dentists miss-out patients because of the schedule and timings, where the clinic timings might not be suitable for some of the patients, this can be overcome with portable dental units that come handy, by meeting up with clients at their place at a time that works for both, most of the clients will more than to comply if it’s at their place. 

This also provides dentists the freedom to choose their work schedule and can choose the days and timings at which they want to work. At the same time providing your patient plenty of flexibility to work around. This is a win-win situation. 

Low investment cost 

Setting up a fully functional dental clinic would cost a small fortune, especially if it’s in a prime spot. This is because the place of the clinic also determines the patients, but choosing a quite popular spot calls for competition. Portable dental units can be a panacea to all these problems from having less money to invest in and building a dedicated patient circle without losing your sleep over the competition. 

For dental practitioners starting their career, without much to start with, a portable unit can be a perfect fit, where you can carry this equipment to the patient’s place in your own automobile. This can also be a boon for dental practitioners who can choose to work altering between running a clinic and having a portable unit to carry. 

Expanding practice 

The static dental clinics are confined to a place, that is not the case when it comes to the portable dental clinics where you can move around as much as you want. This provides an opportunity to treat a wide group of patients which is otherwise not possible in a stationary dental clinic. This is a great way of providing a mutual benefit by getting revenue and treatment. Since a static dental clinic is tied to a place, it might reduce the number of patients. In a mobile dental clinic if done right it may fetch higher revenue and provide an opportunity to treat more patients through outreach programs at community parks, corporate offices, and educational institutes. 

Providing dental care to underprivileged 

Despite the fact that dental care is critical to overall health, low-income families, the elderly, and other disadvantaged members of the community typically put it last on their priority list. Many employers no longer contribute to dental insurance since it is considered optional, and unsupplemented coverage may be prohibitively expensive for employees. Dental expenses are rarely covered by insurance, and even children are only given the most basic services.

Portable dental technology aids in the removal of barriers to dental care, such as cost and accessibility. Mobile dentistry units can visit schools, nursing homes, and rural towns to provide on-site services after hours or on weekends. Dentists can also charge less for services because the overhead costs of operating a portable unit are often lower than those of a traditional dental practice. Also creating a chance to educate people on oral hygiene and oral health practices. 

If you are at the start of your career and have difficulty affording a static dental clinic, a portable dental unit can be a good option for you. At FuturDentistry, we are committed to providing proper means to young aspiring dental practitioners to start their careers, define a brand and streamline the revenue. Start your journey today!

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