Why it pays to have portable dental equipment for dentists and hygienists?

With the demand for dental services increasing, dentists are now opting for portable dental units. Mobile dentistry is the latest trend in dental care. In fact, the need for mobile dentistry has increased over time with more and more people seeking this kind of service. Many individuals have a fear of visiting the dentist’s office because they think it will be too painful or that they are not going to get good quality service. However, there are many advantages to getting your dental care from a mobile dentist instead of going to a traditional one. 

Portable & Mobile dentistry is the future of oral care

With the passing of each year, the need for dental care increases, people are starting to realize the importance of oral health. In this scientific era, cures are being found for deadly diseases, advanced medical equipment, drugs, and whatnot are bringing back people alive and extending their lives. These inventions provide to be a way to increase the lifespan of the general population as a result the average life expectancy increases. According to the UN, the current life expectancy of an average American is 78.99 with a growth rate of 0.080% and is expected to increase by 88.97% with the current expectancy. In the last fifty years, the life expectancy has had an upward slope and is predicted to continue to do so for the next 50 years as well.1

This for the record shows that the aging of the population with an increase in life expectancy will bring forth the need for dental care and would prefer and be comfortable to take dental services at their homes. 

In the future, more people will hunt for portable or mobile dental services, making it difficult for the elderly to travel to a dental office. This will result in a larger population of people who need consistent dental care and can afford to pay for it but cannot access care because of physical or psychological impediments.

Because traditional dentistry systems are limited to clinical care,  have limited access to these patients. This population may be left to live with untreated pain and chronic infection, which can have a negative impact on their overall health. Thus dentists and hygienists are challenged to care for these patients while also expanding their potential patient base.

A comprehensive treatment plan is created that takes into account all medical and psychological factors. Dental procedures are carried out without requiring the patient to leave his or her home. Because of health factors, the cases may be complex, but dentists can provide extensive comprehensive care if barriers are addressed realistically. The dental model is predominantly static dental clinics that focus on the young and though there are some dental clinic setups in a public space, the elderly remain untreated, since it is inaccessible for them. The elderly population who are unable to get oral care due to this will be benefited from this portable dentistry model. At the same, this might also benefit dentists or hygienists at the start of there, where they can choose to the elderly and senior citizens by visiting their homes. 

The dental profession and mobile dentistry

Although mobile dentistry may not be appropriate for all dentists, it may be appealing at any stage of a dental career. A residential practice may be preferable to a traditional one for dentists with extensive personal commitments or those wishing to reduce their professional responsibilities. Dentists contemplating retirement may wish to continue practicing part-time, with lower overhead and a more flexible schedule. Fully mobile practices are financially feasible.


With the latest technology, mobile applications, and advancements in portable equipment in the field of dentistry, which pave the way to provide easy and necessary oral medical care to everyone, mobile dentistry has a predominant role. By following the state guidelines and direct access there is also a possibility for hygienists to care for patients independently.

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